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Live Wide Open Article

Jayde and Liz had the pleasure of sitting down with Rich Schara from Live Wide Open to talk about how they came about creating Center of Design. You can view the article here. Live Wide Open is a locally based website whose main goal is to showcase the perks of living in west central Minnesota.…
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Sunshine in the Shade

Even though we are just starting to welcome the warm spring sunshine I have already started to think about ways to shield myself from those strong rays.  Especially in the rarer areas in Minnesota where the natural shade will take a good 20 years to grow in order to work you have to get creative…
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Bedroom —> Laundry Room

Gone are the days when a washer and dryer are kept in the dark, wet basements or garages. The ladies of the house (no offense to the men launderers out there, more power to you) have finally figured out that we don’t have to live like that. We don’t have to launder our clothing in…
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Fusion Flooring

Introducing! A new line of luxury vinyl flooring, Fusion Hybrid Floors, has us so excited that we are going to be offering 15% off the Fusion brand for the entire month of April! In addition to this discount, we also are offering $50 coupons to our first 3 customers who mention them! Fusion Flooring is an engineered plank…
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1803 Candles

Supporting small businesses is very importation to us. With that, finding quality products that have meaning behind them always make a difference to me and has an impact on what I purchase whether its for the showroom or for my own home. One of these products is 1803 Candles.  Their Story My vision is, and has…
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Custom Bar

If you have been to our showroom and have noticed all of the custom pieces we have on display you can guarantee it is due to the handy work of our partner contracting company JTE Solutions. They have so much creative design intuition to go along with their talent for the craft, which we benefit…
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