Custom Bar

If you have been to our showroom and have noticed all of the custom pieces we have on display you can guarantee it is due to the handy work of our partner contracting company JTE Solutions. They have so much creative design intuition to go along with their talent for the craft, which we benefit … Read More

Black As Night

When homeowners are at the starting point of designing their home or a renovation we typically try to choose elements that make our home look and feel open and happy. This usually means light and bright colors. Greys and whites have been a go-to for quite a few years and loving it myself I don’t … Read More

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello, everyone and welcome to Our Blog!  I’m so glad you stopped by! I want to let you know you will see a lot of miscellaneous content in this space.  We are a design center, so of course we’ll have tidbits on design trends, tips, etc, but we also want to explore other life “stuff.”  … Read More