Our client and her husband are busy working full time and running a house full of kids. We were so excited when they came to us looking to do something for themselves for once. They decided to add on a garage to their Rambler home and convert their existing garage into a master suite, laundry room and kid entry. There is now a formal entryway which used to lead right into the living room. The wall separating the kitchen, along with the existing kitchen, was torn down  and renovated creating a completely different home.


Such a pleasure to bring functionality along with beauty to this family. Before when they would enter their home they would be dropping their stuff almost right into the kitchen. Now they can come in from the garage and into their nicely organized mud room throwing anything dirty into the laundry right from there. Guests can now enter and be greeted by the hostess in her newly enlarged kitchen. She couldn’t tell us enough how nice holidays have been having room for all of their family. Meals are enjoyed and memories are made.


The joy the client still feels months after this project has been completed makes us remember why we do what we do. That’s what it’s all about.

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