With rumors of distance learning spreading, the anxiety and fear that the beautiful summer days have been melting away are starting to creep back in. One of the coping methods to this anxiety and fear is making a plan. Preparation as best we can with what little notice we usually get is all we can do.

I put together three work spaces for kids that I hope can help the process even just a little bit. You can also go one step further….. Give us a call, send us a photo of your space and a budget and we will do everything for you.  I know I’m not the only woman who cleans/organizes when I’m stressed and simply don’t know what else to do. I may have to use one or more of these ideas myself. You may have older kids who can take on the responsibility of doing their schoolwork in their own space. You may have more than one child to home-school and guide through their work while also making sure a baby or toddler isn’t getting into trouble. Either way, you are not alone. Let us help you start the (very hard) process and complicated winter to come.

Option 1: School Room

If you have a spare room that can be turned into a designated area for the kids’ school days you are one lucky duck! And so are your kids! Include your kids in this process during the time you would normally go school shopping.

Option 2: Corner Space

An empty corner that is being used by something just to take up space can be rearranged. Replace that with a special area for your child to stay focused with little distraction. We can make it fun so they somewhat enjoy being in the space!

Option 3: Dining Room Study

I think this is what most of us ended up doing to end the 2020 school year. I did! Distractions were difficult to navigate but it worked out best for us at the time.

Giving Back

Unknowingly, it feels like this time period has become a selfish one. We have become focused on my health, my stressors and what am I going to do? Our kids hear all of it. I’m no parenting expert but I do know how good it feels to give back. The Lakes Crisis & Resource Center is always in need of help. Whether it be for things they need or hours of volunteer work.


Needs List

Volunteer Opportunities