The Only Screen You’ll Ever Need


At Center of Design, we carry home products that we truly believe in. Do you watch Shark Tank? You might recognize Flexscreen because Laurie Grenier made Joe an offer he couldn’t refuse for his small, USA made product. If not, let me tell you how cool it is.

Every fall, I remove my screens from all of the windows in my home. If you do the same you know this is no easy task. I no longer dread this with FlexScreen. A completely custom product, FlexScreen fits firmly into the screen tracks already existing in most windows. They are nearly indestructible and are so confident in their durability that they come with a lifetime warranty. If you don’t have a screen track, AKA pockets, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The FlexFit Retention Bumpers are the perfect solution for challenging window designs. No need to order separately as they are shipping with every order.

For $69.95 Screen Types Include:
~ Standard
~Flexview Clean
~Flexview Tuff
~Flexview Solar

I realize this is more expensive than your average screen, however, I guarantee this is the last screen you will ever buy for your home. The only downfall is you can’t take them with you if you move. This sounds a lot like any other investment that goes into your home does it not?

Contact us for a rough estimate of measurements and we will get you a quote. We will then come by and get an accurate measurement for the perfect fit.