Gone are the days when a washer and dryer are kept in the dark, wet basements or garages. The ladies of the house (no offense to the men launderers out there, more power to you) have finally figured out that we don’t have to live like that. We don’t have to launder our clothing in one of the dirtiest areas of our homes.

A Launderers Oasis

One lucky client of ours was able to leave her main floor guest bedroom to go on an Arizona winter vacation and come home to a clean, fresh laundry room. She gave the reigns to Megan, our designer, and business manager, who got some samples together for our client. They chose to use our newly carried Cleo Flooring. This was our first install for the American made vinyl flooring and even more so exciting since that is such a rarity as most are made in China.

Megan then chose Hickory cabinets with a slate stain to stick with the ever-popular overall grey to blend with the multi-tone floor. The flush mount light was chosen through one of our many vendors to match the cabinet hardware and stainless steel sink.







Take On The Makeover

The laundry room or mudroom is a great place to test creativity. It’s amazing what a little organization, a splash of paint and a rug can do to make the space feel like another part of your home rather than a dungeon that makes strange noises. If this idea sparks something in you check out our Pinterest page for inspiration and feel free to contact us for extra input. One of the best parts of interior design is collaborating and having different minds to bounce off inspiration. We would be happy to be those minds for you. Thanks for staying in touch!


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