A new line of luxury vinyl flooring, Fusion Hybrid Floors, has us so excited that we are going to be offering 15% off the Fusion brand for the entire month of April! In addition to this discount, we also are offering $50 coupons to our first 3 customers who mention them! Fusion Flooring is an engineered plank and tile looking vinyl that is 100% waterproof, easy to install and can be installed over existing and imperfect subfloors. 

Natural Hickory

Barnwood Gray

You see, one of the reasons we are so excited about this line is because in the luxury vinyl world you don’t see a lot of non-wood options. Just another feature that makes this line so special. Hardwood and tile are timeless, however, there is much to consider when deciding what suits each lifestyle. Fusion expertly gives you the look of both but eliminates the downsides of the real thing. Not to mention easier on the wallet compared to tile or hardwood. 


I will keep adding to the perk list: Fusion makes installation appropriate for any level DIYer and as always we are happy to guide you through the process with additional tips and tricks. If you don’t have that knack to take on a DIY project, let us know! We can help either way.

The end result of our friend, Ericas, DIY project. Kid-approved!

Thanks for staying in touch!


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