Even though we are just starting to welcome the warm spring sunshine I have already started to think about ways to shield myself from those strong rays.  Especially in the rarer areas in Minnesota where the natural shade will take a good 20 years to grow in order to work you have to get creative to make your own “sunshine” in the shade.

The first shade option, the Pergola, is the most costly and most permanent but completely custom for your ideal size and shade preference – partial or full shade. Pergolas are very popular right now and for good reason. They add so much appeal to an outdoor space. We can help with the design and materials for this project.


Come Sail Away

Another option similar to the pergola would be a Shade Sail. This would have full shade for most of the day and with specific quality sails will block UV rays. Sails can be attached to current structures or pergola type bases can be built specifically for it. 


Shade sail hardware kits can be easily purchased for DIY installation 

To tone down the late afternoon and evening sun a Roll-Up Shade or Outdoor Curtain are nice options for the temporary shade during certain times such as grilling and having an outdoor supper. When entertaining it’s also nice to have more shade for the really little ones or the older generation as well. 


There are a few accessories that can be added to these structures to create the oasis you and your family look forward to spending time in. Consider swings (for children or adults), an outdoor ceiling fan or hanging lights. Dim lighting gives the time spent in the late evening and nighttime a nice ambiance and doesn’t interfere with a good campfire. 

I hope these ideas sparked some inspiration!  Please reach out for any guidance needed to turn inspiration into a reality. Thanks for staying in touch!