When homeowners are at the starting point of designing their home or a renovation we typically try to choose elements that make our home look and feel open and happy. This usually means light and bright colors. Greys and whites have been a go-to for quite a few years and loving it myself I don’t see it going away. Not only do these light main color palattes for walls or cabinetry give us the illusion of a larger space, but it gives us the ability to play with our style with our accessories and decor. Rustic, modern, contemporary; with help from other elements you can even choose my favorite style option – a MIX.

The trending Matte Black is a beautiful element to mix design styles. Chic, masculine and modern it can add a subtle sleekness or a pop of bold to any style.

No need to worry about scuffing with this bold granite composite sink.

Black light fixtures can add balance to a space that seems too traditional or feminine.


Accenting with this trend is fun and we can help you do it all. Through our many vendors we have countless options and we will find the right one for your project. Already have a handyman or contractor in mind to get these projects done? Great! Bring them in to the showroom and they can help with the decision making!

This would take guts but also would be a very fun way to transition an open floor plan.