We all love our Midwest roots even though we only get to comfortably experience the outdoors for 5 or 6 months out of the year (if we’re lucky). Because of this, I feel like we do what we can to bring the outdoors in with us during those dark, winter months. I’m not saying we all should install an actual greenhouse, although what an amazing escape that would be in our very own home, huh? So, I am going to share my solution: natural stone.  Not only for exterior design but for interior design as well.

Indoor Garden - mixturie.com

Adding greenery here and there, real or faux (kudos to you if you take on the challenge of keeping the real stuff alive), always warms a space. Stone will do the same and although you may think otherwise right now, any room can feature it. Let me show you… 

Accent Wall in Entryway or Bedroom

RealStone Systems

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Fireplace in Living or Dining Room

RealStone Systems

RealStone Solutions

Backsplash in Kitchen or Bathroom

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest Inspiration

Shower or Sauna

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Natural elements always add a wow factor to any space. As you may have noticed a lot of the inspiration comes from the RealStone Supply brand because that is our trusted, quality brand of natural stone that we carry in the studio.

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