I bet you didn’t think our country as we know it could get anymore confusing. We read about the different sides, left or right, and we get so caught up on which side we belong to that we forget the origins of our country and what we overall stand for. What our sides, both of them, are based off of. Americans before us have faced difficult circumstances like the one we are dealing with. It will pass and there will be more. What is up to us is to learn and grow from previous times and set a good example for the younger generation.

Headstones in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC, USA


What call to action does this picture make you feel? I feel the call to do what I can to fight for the freedom that our veterans fought and died for. That call to action includes:

~ Respecting our flag and our president
~ Supporting service men/women and law enforcement
~Supporting public service workers
~ Not taking advantage of leans that our country provides to help the less fortunate
~ Providing help to our local community
~ Support local businesses and try to buy products Made In America

Our Products Made In America

Thank You Veterans! God Bless!

– Amber