When doing renovations or builds that require multiple designs, the floor can get overlooked. Not overlooked as in not taken into consideration, just not the piece of the design that is the most exciting. However, we had reason to go through our flooring project photos and I wanted to share my favorites.

It isn’t a shocker that they are all Karndean lines of flooring. The most durable and realistic. We even have clients coming in requesting the most real looking vinyl to replicated tile because they are so sick of cleaning grout.

I also cannot stress how easy to clean this flooring is. Not to mention durability.

Van Gough Collection

This one is such a fun flooring that can include grout lines or go the way this client did and go without. This one will be so fun to see finished – going full on eclectic with white walls, white shower curtain. Painting the vanity a dark green will really let the floor be the statement. This client installed it herself with her husband and all they needed to purchase was the glue and the flooring.

This floor is on order for a special friend and client. They are doing a completely rustic look with lots of natural wood. How real does this look?!

Long story short, flooring makes such a huge difference in a space so don’t take it for granted!

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