A good amount of decorating and housekeeping advice we learn from who else other than who raised us. Common decorating go-to’s are handed down and used. During the homemaking process, I can’t help but wonder why it is so stressful. Maybe it’s being gone about all the wrong way and the process that seems obvious isn’t the way to go. Therefore, I bring you…

5 Major Decorating Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
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1. Buying Furniture Without Measuring
I definitely didn’t do this in my first home. Most of the time when we first start out we are using second-hand furniture anyways so we take what we can get. If you are fortunate enough to purchase brand spanking new furniture please do it right and here’s how:
Measure (or mark with tape) the area available for each major piece so that you can figure out an acceptable size range. That way when you go into the store you already have a box checked on narrowing down your options.

2. Buying the Whole Set

I can’t agree more with this. Please do not settle and purchase a matching “set”. This includes bedroom furniture or a matching sofa and love seat. It seems like a good idea but I promise once you get it into your space it is not going to catch your eye. Instead, first, choose the biggest/major design piece and go from there.

3. Never Letting Go of the Past

I know the awful memory of peeling wallpaper off of your walls while you slowly watch your sheetrock come with it has scarred you for life but don’t let it ruin future trends! Decorating tools and products are only getting better so give that trend a try. If you loved it 20 years ago odds are you will love it again now also.

4. Shopping in Just One Store
One-stop shopping is handy for essentials, but homemaking should be created by you and your family’s story.  Take your time. Shop around. Find pieces that are special and true to you and your family’s personality.

5. Choosing Paint First

The most common and sometimes most impactful but not always the first design decision that should be made. You most likely have furniture pieces that could go with multiple wall colors. This also makes it easier to pick out pieces you truly love and go from there. Maybe you want your wall to be a statement, or if you have other statement pieces in your space let the room tone it down.

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